Mother and Father’s Day

Lately, I have been pondering the holiday of Mother and Father’s Day, especially as families are ever changing. When I was young, a very very long time ago, I was the only person I knew who had divorced parents. Now I know more people who have a step parent, rather than only two parents. During my years as a Jewish Preschool Director we would have programs, such as, Muffins with Mom and Special Guest. Same with Donuts with Dad. Eventually these days just became “special person” days. I love this change because we all have a ‘special” person and for some it might not even be a parent.

I know Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be the best day for some and extremely painful for others. My best friend lost her mom when we were only twenty- one and I would buy her a card and gift to ease some of her pain during Mother’s Day. Today I have several friends and colleagues who are raising children as same sex couples or as a single parent. When i was growing up I always felt so uncomfortable that I did not know anyone with a family like mine. My mom remarried and my sister and I had a step father and a brother, then a step brother and step mother. Our family was unusual for the time. Boy have things changed!!

At The Shalom Shoppe we are all about celebrating everyday and everybody who is special in one’s life!! Celebrate being a mother or father. Celebrate your grandchild or favorite teacher. Celebrate your own child becoming a mother, a father or even an aunt!! A small gift can celebrate even you!! I would like to vote for a new holiday name, Family Day!!  Who knows it might happen since we have everything from Donut Day to Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!

I am not sure if the name of these days will change, but I do know that at The Shalom Shoppe we believe everyone has that special person(s) to honor each and everyday!!

That’s what’s Nu,

Beth Rabinowitz

-Owner The Shalom Shoppe