Holiday Bonanza Muslin Swaddle Blanket


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Made of muslin cotton our Jewish Holiday Bonanza swaddle blanket is super soft, super funky and super adorable for your baby or little one! Need an adorable Jewish baby gift?

Super cute baby gift idea straight from Israel.

Sizing at 40×40 inches

Handmade in Israel

Meet Talia Schoen (our Tiny & Mighty Chief),

Our story begins with our tiny and mighty person in-chief, meet Talia, the founder and CEO of Tiny and Mighty Baby. Talia studied Graphic Design and Marketing in Jerusalem, Israel. Combining Jewish inspired designs and super amounts of color, Tiny and Mighty was born.

“Tiny & Mighty’s inspiration came from me working as a preschool teacher, all these iconic symbols for the Chagim (Jewish Holidays) and teaching the kids, these icons are a form of logos for the kids, they see a Shofar, its Rosh Hashana, I figured these can be adorable in watercolor. After that, I worked in a Judaica store, I found there were no unique baby gifts, there were generic gifts that I personally would not be excited to give or receive, and I realized I can create my own stuff. The research began. I already had the skills to paint, design and edit, all I needed was to figure out the business side of things, and voila! Tiny & Mighty was created.

The name Tiny & Mighty was inspired by myself, I have a strong support group of friends and family who know me well and to them, I am Tiny & Mighty. I’m small for my age, always was, but have gone through stages in my life in which were difficult, specifically me being deathly allergic to sesame and peanuts. I’ve also been known to move giant furniture by myself simply because I wanted to redecorate. I took the term Tiny & Mighty and adapted it to my brand and Tiny and Mighty became my present and future.

It’s important to me and my brand that all our products are created in Israel, supporting local businesses as much as we can and having our Israel Pride shine bright. My Israel and Jewish pride can be easily seen in our Holiday Bonanza Collection as well as our Israel Collection. I am proud Israeli and want to embrace that here.

I made Aliyah to Israel from New Jersey in 2002, I grew up in Jerusalem, Israel and it is simply my home. Jerusalem is a beautiful city and my Israel Collection will show that (I hope). My Jewish Israeli pride is strong and I can’t wait to share that.”

– Talia Schoen


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